Grief and Guilt

I found these notes in my drive and had forgotten to post them, discovering them today seemed like the right moment to do so.   A very dear friend of mine passed away yesterday afternoon. I’m not certain if others respond in similar ways but the geographical location, the exact scenario I am in when … More Grief and Guilt


Bird song, splashes, laughter… that is all I can hear. Warm breeze against my cheek, the sun begins to dip below the horizon. It’s time to be heading back to camp now, no boats on the water after dark. This is a sacred place, the river, this valley. So many of my family share special … More Drifting…

Learning to Let Go

The change in seasons around us can have a very powerful effect on our internal workings if we let it. The slow, or sometimes not so slow, onset of Winter brings with it frosty mornings and runny noses (or perhaps that’s just me?) This is now my 9th winter in Scotland and I freely admit … More Learning to Let Go

Choose Life!

After 15 months of ‘roaming’ here I am back in Glasgow for one more academic year…. at least. It’ll be the longest period of time to settle somewhere in recent times but I am happy to be here. Although not that much time has passed since I left Glasgow I feel as though I have … More Choose Life!


As I sit in the departure lounge awaiting my flight to be called I find myself thinking back, almost 10 years to when I left Zimbabwe originally. Out I set, an educated (or so I thought), tall, (yes, even then!) nervous, eighteen year old. My destination was the exact same as it is today, the … More Complacency

Sodwana Bay

My travels on this occasion took me a little further South of my homeland, which is Zimbabwe for those of you who don’t know. Together with my beautiful Mom we caught an early flight from Harare to Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and capital of the Gauteng province. The flight is only an hour and … More Sodwana Bay

Kanyemba Fishing Camp

My final trip before leaving Zimbabwe took place along the mighty Zambezi once again(I previously visited it at Mana Pools) However Kanyemba is situated much further down the river from Mana Pools, where the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique meet. The surrounding areas are far more populated than up river and by populated I … More Kanyemba Fishing Camp