As I sit in the departure lounge awaiting my flight to be called I find myself thinking back, almost 10 years to when I left Zimbabwe originally. Out I set, an educated (or so I thought), tall, (yes, even then!) nervous, eighteen year old. My destination was the exact same as it is today, the wonderful but ever so slightly wet, city of Glasgow.

Nigh on a decade of having lived in a foreign country, I feel as though the wealth of experiences I have had, truly has transformed me.

What have been my most enriching experiences? That’s simple:


Other human beings who I have met along this path have played a crucial role in my development in life.

Some friendships have lasted, whilst others have not for one reason or another but nonetheless each of you have added to the mindful, compassionate and loving soul that I am today and for this, I am eternally grateful.

As someone who has made connections with many people who are placed throughout our world I realise the importance of what it is that keeps and maintains these connections; not to become complacent.

Too often when we make friends we become, after a fashion, complacent in our love for them.

– We decline that invite because we know we’ll see them next week.

-We don’t bother mentioning that they look great because they know they look great, right?

-We don’t tell them we love them because they know we love them.. don’t they?

-We don’t leave them that special note to say “Have a great day!” because that would be weird and what difference would it make?

Due to my current ‘lack of geographical certainty’ It has made me realise how important it is to make the effort, to go the extra mile for a friend because I truly appreciate them. Even if it’s through means of a WhatsApp message!

I believe that as souls having a human experience we grow and learn through others, and I treasure each new friendship which is formed and nurture ongoing ones with just as much love.

The most precious gift we can give to our friends is our time. We don’t get this back, ever. Once we’ve spent it, it’s gone. A moment consigned to history, a memory to either hold onto or forget.

So I make a dedication, to myself. To say and do those things for others because I am grateful for their contribution to my life. To dedicate my time willingly because this experience, no matter how small it may seem is contributing to my growth. I’m not doing it because I expect it returned, I am doing it because I want to, because it makes me feel full of joy.

So I challenge each of you… how will you choose to spend your time? What action can you take in your life right this minute to help yourself grow? Do something your future self will be thankful for.

Don’t become complacent with anything in your life, be grateful for each moment.


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